Hari Smart Play Pinata
Hari Smart Play Pinata


Hari Smart Play Pinata

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When this product is sold in November or December of 2021, 100% of profits from this sale will be donated to The Nest, a registered non-profit society that cares for special needs homeless exotic birds.




Foraging toys offer a powerful medium for nourishment, play exercise, and social interaction.




Toys available in a range of sizes suitable for all hookbills

Encourages foraging and preening

Relieves boredom and helps prevent feather plucking

Provides mental and physical stimulation

Helps relieve anxiety by providing entertainment

In the wild, 80% of a bird’s waking hours are spent foraging which is an essential form of enrichment. Providing parrots with enrichment activities can be an ongoing challenge, and parrot caretakers often need help getting started. But creating foraging opportunities for your birds is not difficult. When food is incorporated into the toys, caretakers will understand how important foraging is for parrots. Companion parrots will stay interested much longer when enrichment foods such as extruded granules or small nuts & seeds are hidden within the toy.


Many of the materials used in the toys are natural materials such as bamboo, sisal, cocoa, coconut, seagrass, loofah, willow, pinewood, and seashells. The colours used in the toys are made from non-toxic vegetable dyes. HARI SMART.PLAY foraging toys come with either an appropriately sized pear-shaped or d-shaped quick link