inTune Complete Parrot 3lb
inTune Complete Parrot 3lb


inTune Complete Parrot 3lb

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Contains 1- 3Lb

Enriched With Dha, Omega Fatty Acids As Well As Digestive Probiotics.

Contains No Artificial Colors, Flavors Or Preservatives.


Serve your parrot a complete daily nutrition in tune with your bird's well-being Delicious and irresistible natural pellet diet appeals to birds without artificial colors flavors or preservatives percentages of added vitamin and minerals PLUS encapsulated digestive probiotics help ensure companion birds receive the nutrients necessary for good health No supplements are necessary! If fruits nuts or other treats are provided tey should be less than 10% of the diet This will help ensure your pet bird will get the vitamins minerals and other nutrients necessary for good health Approx 1/2" pellets