Red Dog Deli No Frillz Meals
Red Dog Deli No Frillz Meals
Red Dog Deli No Frillz Meals

Red Dog Deli

Red Dog Deli No Frillz Meals

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Over the years, RDBK has created a successful line of widely popular premium quality, single-source protein meals for dogs and cats. To do this and ensure complete formulas we have been required to use more expensive ingredients. We will continue to produce the same wide variety of single-source protein RDBK meals for both dogs and cats because a) so many animals have allergies and issues with various ingredients and b) dogs and cats LOVE them!

However, for dogs who do not have food sensitivities and whose guardians are looking for more economical options we have now created the NEW No Frilz line which has a lower price point.

No Frilz is:

  • Mixed protein formulas (complete and balanced with rotation)
  • Conventional vegetables (non-organic)
  • Simpler packaging


No Frilz continues with the following RDBK core values and promises:

  • High quality, hormone-free, and ethically raised animals…ALWAYS!
  • Vacuum-sealed and blast-frozen packages for longer shelf life and maximum freshness
  • Top food safety standards in our facility (HACCP verified)!