About the Birds

Anyone who has been in the store has notice our mascots June the Congo African Grey and our CEO Iago the Swinging Cockatoo.

Iago and June are refugees from the now defunct World Parrot Refuge in Coombes BC. A facility that closed in 2016 with 600 parrots in its care at the death of its founder. Most of the 600 birds have found new homes and 4 of them have joined the Cascadia family and take turns playing in store ambassabirdie, they love meeting our customers and especially love children. Watch out though, Iago can sing at 135bB'! Iago and June are 27 and 28 years young and have many more to go.

The birds do not remain in the store and come home every night and take turns helping out. They are harness trained and have access to the outdoors in summer months.

Iago wears a collar for medical reasons. He was subject to confinement in a small cage for many years, which caused him to self mutilate. His condition is chronic and he will probably need a collar for the rest of his life.

We do not condone breeding of wild animals in captivity and we firmly believe they are not appropriate pets. While we sell supplies for and want to help the ones already here we do not facilitate any form of selling birds as most caretakers do not have the time, space financial means to provide for their needs while they expect a unrealistic level of effortless entertainment. The end result is they (more often than not) inadvertently subject to abusive very situations when kept in captive households. Also, the lifespan of a large captive birds is about 80 years. This makes it impossible to remain with the family that originally purchased them. We love them to death, but their more appropriate home is in the jungle. 

If you are interested in adopting a bird that needs a home we recommend you volunteer at local rescues before making the decision.

While the Cascadia family pays for our own vet bills, we keep a collection box in the store to help other homeless birds in dire need of medical care. 100% of these funds go to the non-profit society "The Nest" that cares for special needs exotic birds. We appreciate every penny donated small gestures add up quickly.