We Love Them Like You Do!

  We believe that every extra year you can add to your animal companion's life is another year of high-fives, playing fetch, or purring in your lap - in short: priceless. 

We know that feeding your companion a diet of raw and natural foods will enable them to wag, woof, and meow many more moons to come. 

We love them like you do!  We are a young local family completely in love with cats and dogs.  We have had animal companions our entire lives and have seen the difference it makes when you take the time to make proper nutrition a way of life. That is why we provide high-quality, natural, Canadian cat and dog foods at a great price! Not only that, we know in this busy world it helps to have the personal touch of home delivery at no extra cost -- until cats develop opposable thumbs and drive themselves, but that's a different story.

Happiness is a raw bone...yes, it is.

We support and enrich our community and the lives of our animal companions.  We specialize in complete, species appropriate diets that will enable your companions to live longer, healthier, lives,  We are proud to only be carrying Canadian-made premium pet foods.  This helps keep wealth in our communities and supports those that believe as we do: a natural diet means a happier, healthier animal companion.   

We are socially and environmentally responsible.  Our products are created by companies that uphold high ethical and environmental standards and are locally and nationally sourced, thus reducing the environmental footprint and ensuring wealth stays within local communities.

We do it for you

We put quality at your doorstep.  We are here for you.  Our easy access location at Main and 29th allows us to look after our neighbors here in Little Mountain and beyond.  That is why we have great store hours, as well as provide 24 hours online ordering, and free personalized delivery to your home in order to save you time, money, and give peace of mind that you are providing your pet with the highest quality foods available at the best price anywhere.

We provide superior natural pet foods.  All of our raw and natural pet foods are created with the highest standards, and with the health and well-being of your animal companion in mind.  Our companies work to create foods that nourish your pet the way nature intended - with the perfect balance of whole, natural ingredients specially formulated for optimum nutrition with no fillers, preservatives, or artificial ingredients allowing for robust health and a longer, happier life. 

We save you money. Our family strives to offer the best value: high quality at reasonable prices.  We also have benefits and incentives for our loyal customers in order to create an atmosphere of community and savings.  If you are loyal to us, why shouldn't we be loyal to you?  That is why we have our Friends of Cascadia loyalty plans that allow both you and your friends to continue to save when you choose Cascadia.  

Love us some Little Mountain

We are located in the beautiful neighborhood of Little Mountain on Main Street, in the true beating heart of Vancouver.  Come by and see us!  We'd love to show you around!  

604-205-5470            4512 Main St. 


Mon-Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 12-5pm