Camelina Oil

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Camelina Oil

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Studies have shown that Omega-3 supplementation (the kind found in Camelina Oil) in your pet's diet could:

✔️ Improve joint health & mobility, acting as a natural anti-inflammatory


✔️ Improve skin & coat health & reduce shedding


✔️ Help reduce allergy symptoms


✔️ Decrease anxiety and improve mood


✔️ Boosts performance, cardiovascular health and muscle recovery


Superior Performance

Relative to other vegetable sources of omegas (like flax, canola, hemp, etc.), Smart Earth Camelina oil contains the most balanced profile of Omega 3, 6, & 9.

✔️ High natural Vitamin E content → Longer shelf life
✔️ Low risk of rancidity
✔️ Cold pressed → preserves nutrients
✔️ No need for refrigeration
✔️ Various health benefits & high natural Vitamin E content