Pablos Gumnut Strawberries
Pablos Gumnut Strawberries

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Pablos Gumnut Strawberries

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Pablo’s Gumnut strawberries

4 large gumnut are wrapped vegetable tanned leather, there are a couple of wooden beads inside nuts for parrot to find surprise when they chew gumnut.

These Gumnuts are nice and big. Leather twist with hidden wooden beads and stainless steel washer with shinny pacifier will show entertain your parrot.

Pablo’s Gumnut strawberries will sure make your parrot busy this Christmas.

Dimensions: Gumnut strawberries 5cm x 4cm approx.

                       Stainless steel washer: 2.5cm diameter

                       Total toy length include stainless steel quick link: 35cm

Suitable for : Medium and Large parrot