SWheat Scoop Easy Maintenance

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SWheat Scoop Easy Maintenance

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Litter box maintenance just got easier. Keeping up with the kitty litter box is nobody’s favorite chore. That’s why you’re going to love sWheat Scoop Easy Maintenance natural cat litter. Created using their proprietary blend of all-natural wheat and corn, sWheat Scoop Easy Maintenance cat litter combines the superior clumping power of wheat with the absorbent, dust-free characteristics of corn. Its natural plant-based odor control system keeps the scent clean and wholesome; pleasant but never overwhelming. And because it’s virtually dust-free, tracking is minimal and clean-up is a breeze. So you’ll have time to do the things you really want to do.



-Absorbs on contact
-100% Natural; No dyes, perfumes or chemicals

-100% biodegradable for flushable clumps *flush it slowly

-99.5% Dust Free; No dust cloud to breathe in

-Contains Odor Neutralizing Enzymes 

-Enhanced Clumping; Natural starches provide fast clumping action and easy scooping

-Low Tracking keeps paw prints inside the litter box