Tiki Cat Aloha Friends 5.5oz Cans

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Tiki Cat Aloha Friends 5.5oz Cans

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Say Aloha to Tiki Cat's Aloha wet canned food line! Tuna with Calamari and Pumpkin uses wild-caught tuna with savoury ingredients like squid and pumpkin. Each can of Tiki Cat Aloha is a high protein, easy to digest meal with wholesome ingredients that are easy to recognise.


Tiki Cat Aloha Friends is rich in essential fibre, vitamins and minerals that cats need to keep urinary tract infection and kidney disease at bay.  


Tiki Cat wet food is suitable for cats of all life stages and is hand-packed, grain-free with no potato, corn, rice or wheat and dolphin-safe. Made in Thailand, please see the specifications tab for more information.