Vet Worthy Pet Oral Syringe 35cc
Vet Worthy Pet Oral Syringe 35cc

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Vet Worthy Pet Oral Syringe 35cc

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Easily and accurately administers oral feeding or medication to your pets. Always insure fresh drinking water is available to your pet after administration. Holds up to 35cc. 


1. Remove the paper collar. Insert the applicator into the liquid with the plunger down.

2. Pull back on the plunger to suck the liquid in. Use the gauge on the side to insure proper measurement. 

3. Open your pet's mouth with one hand over the top of the head and muzzle. Apply pressure with your fingers on each side of the jaw hinge. Insert over the tongue and to the back of the mouth. Slowly push the plunger to administer. Rinse with water and air dry. 

To avoid inhaling liquid, keep pet's head level. DO NOT tilt head backwards.