Vet Worthy Potty Rocks
Vet Worthy Potty Rocks

Vet Worhy

Vet Worthy Potty Rocks

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Potty Rocks are paramagnetic igneous rocks mined in the USA. They are added to a dog's water bowl and help to filter out impurities like nitrites that cause grass to turn brown. Recommended to eliminate urine burn. Potty rocks do not alter the pH levels in your dog's urine. It is safe for all pets that might share the same water bowl.


Directions for use:


Place potty rocks in dog's water bowl. Rocks will filter out some of the impurities that cause your grass to turn brown, like metals and nitrates. Replace your dog's drinking water daily. Replace your Potty Rocks every couple months. 




Naturally occurring Paramagnetic Igneous rock


Available Size:


.44lbs (200g) bag