Canine Naturals Hide Free Chews
Canine Naturals Hide Free Chews
Canine Naturals Hide Free Chews

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Canine Naturals Hide Free Chews

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Canine Naturals Hide Free Chews are the easily digestible TRULY 100% RAWHIDE FREE chews for dogs.


While other brands imply they are rawhide-free based on their product name or state their products are made from “collagen”, they can’t say Rawhide Free on their package. Unlike these products, Canine Naturals Hide Free Chews use absolutely NO RAWHIDE or any animal skin in our product. As such we proudly state 100% Rawhide Free directly on our packaging.


A study performed at the University of Illinois showed that our limited ingredient recipes digested almost 100% more than chews that imply they are rawhide-free after the 6-hour phase of testing, and 400% more than rawhide.


Hide Free Chicken Chews start with USA Sourced and Raised Chicken as the first ingredient and use ABSOLUTELY NO RAWHIDE OR COLLAGEN in production. Available in retriever rolls, knots, and sticks and in sizes from mini to extra-large we have the perfect sized chew for your dog.


​100% Rawhide and Collagen Free Formula

Easily Digestible Recipe – Over 95% Digested in 18 Hours!

U.S.A. Raised and Sourced Chicken is the #1 Ingredient!

Fulfills Dogs’ Natural Chewing Instinct

​Helps Clean Teeth and Gums

NO Artificial Flavours or Colours